When a train have lost steam, it wouldn't matter if an obstacle was stuck in its track.
If dreams are the direct opposites of reality, why do people dream and create a fruitful impression which actually turns out to be fruitless.
Do not assume, the revelation of assumptions can be astoundingly devastating.
Ever wondered what makes a person fight a losing battle?

A battle where all the odds are heavily stacked against him. An almost foregone conclusion lies admist a thick cauldron of doubt and uncertainty.
Negativity... I'm sensing negativity everywhere... people complaining and venting their frustrations... but think about it... we can complain now... but eventually when all is dusted and over... we're back to square one... so what's the point of those rantings... But one point of contradictory does exist... am I too evasive of my feelings or am I really a perpetually optimistic guy. This is something that even I myself find it hard to comprehend. I really don't. Haiz~

Look, this is how ironic a person can be. Here I am putting my foot against negativity and the next moment I'm showing signs of it. Haha... human being is really an unfathomable species, you never what you're gonna think of or do at the very next moment. You can do all the planning you want... but what's gonna happen will eventually happen. Or is it just me? Think about it.
It's Thursday and I'm at home updating my blog.

Yesterday, Wednesday was my last day of my first week in SIM RMIT. I seriously feel that my time table is very slack. 3 days per week and each day last about 3 hrs? Sometimes, even 1 or 2 days per week. And furthermore, with this odd arrangement of timing, it's really hard to get a part time job. There's totally no fixed time table for each week!

Saw alot of familiar faces in the campus. Ranging from my secondary school friends, poly friends, BMT friends, to my friends in Provost. Haha... like what Mark said... this is like a real life facebook with links from everywhere. Simply unbelievable. It's like our meeting is more of fate than coincidence.

Speaking of facebook, I think it's a real phenomenon. It's taking the world by storm. Going by my sources, it's a brain child by someone my age~ and he's raking in the millions now.

It isn't a really outstanding feat by all means, it is the results of grabbing your opportunity when it comes. There's only procrastination blocking your path of success. And when I say procrastination, I deemed it as fear, lack of courage, brooding too much over it. Things that simply hinders your way to reach your ultimate goal.

And I'm really sad to say that procrastination has really been a road block in my life. There are many things that I know I can achieve, or even with a glimpse of hope of achieving. But, I just lack that bit of something.

"The unique spark, a spark that can change your entire life forever. The spark could be just there for an instant and it might never appear again."

Every single time, a spark ignites. I chose to ignore it. And when it began to flickers, procrastination steps in. Eventually, when it disappears... regrets will take their mark. Just when will I learn to replace regrets with hope.

Exceptional firework display! Enjoy!

Happy New Year!!! eve~ to one and all!

Here comes the time of the year where people from all over the world gathers to say "sayonara" to year 2007 and usher in year 2008 with ecstatic celebrations of jubilant joy and laughter.

A little recollection of my year 2007...

Some major events:-
Met my target of an IPPT Silver after much hardwork and training
Nasal Operation 2 days before my ORD
ORD in 090907 (Biggest Event of Year 2007!)
Had a taste of workin in a Marine Company as a web designer.

Guess I only had a few major events in my life lol. Pathetic~

Something is missin... haiz... sianzation...